Write a balanced equation for the complete combustion of 2-methylbutane

Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. A Alkanes are hydrocarbons which contain only single bonds. B Alkanes belong to the class of unsaturated hydrocarbons. C Alkanes are the simplest and least reactive class of organic compounds.

Write a balanced equation for the complete combustion of 2-methylbutane

Less energy needed to overcome intermolecular forces.

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Due to the lower energy requirement, the boiling temperature decreases. Give reasons for this difference in boiling points by referring to the following: It is an aldehyde. Polarity Hence B is a polar molecule dipole. Thus molecules of B are able to bond more strongly with each other, resulting in a higher boiling point.

Molecules of A are not strong dipoles, and hence do not have strong bonding capabilities. Hence A has a lower boiling point. One site for hydrogen bonding Both compounds have hydrogen bonding between molecules. Refer to their boiling points to give a reason for the answer.

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And it boils easily because of its weak intermolecular forces. P, Q and R represent the organic products formed. The compound C10H22 is cracked to obtain alkane X and another hydrocarbon.

write a balanced equation for the complete combustion of 2-methylbutane

The cracking reaction is represented by the following incomplete equation: Therefore engineers use a catalyst in the reaction.

Explain this trend by referring to molecular structure, intermolecular forces and energy involved. Boiling points decrease from A to C. Molecules become more compact. Molecules become more spherical. Decrease in surface area over which the intermolecular forces act. From C to A: Boiling points increase from C to A.

Molecules become less compact. Molecules become less spherical. Increase in surface area over which intermolecular forces act. P represents an organic compound.

Write down the structural formula of compound P formed in this reaction. When it reacts with alcohol X, ethyl hexanoate, which is used commercially as a fruit flavour, is formed. Learners set up the apparatus shown below to prepare ethyl hexanoate in a laboratory.

The letters A to F in the table below represent six organic compounds 3. A compound may be used more than once.Hydroxylation of 2-methylbutane (isopentane) by rat, mouse, rabbit, and guinea pig liver microsomes yielded 2-methylbutanol as the major metabolite and 3-methylbutanol, 2-methylbutanol, and 3-methylbutanol as minor metabolites.

b 2,2-dimethylpropane, pentane, 2-methylbutane [2] 3 a Alkanes are saturated hydrocarbons. Explain both words in italics. [2] b Alkanes are generally unreactive.

Explain why this is so. [2] c Write balanced symbol equations for the complete combustion of: i methane ii ethane.

[4] 4 ‘Methane reacts with bromine to give bromomethane and.

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To balance the equation first write out the the reactants and the products.C 5 H 12 + O 2 > CO 2 + H 2 O and now balance by starting with Carbon on the left.

Five on the left then five on the right. Next move to Hydrogen on the left, twelve on the left then 6 on the right. 6*2=12 total Hydrogens on the right. Organic chemistry is the area of chemistry that involves the study of carbon and its compounds.

Carbon In theory (Oparin, ) organic chemistry may have its beginnings with the big bang when the. It is important to remember that whenever an atom or group is reduced, some other atom or group is oxidized, and a balanced equation must balance the electron gain in the reduced species with the electron loss in the oxidized moiety, as well as numbers and kinds of atoms.

Answer to Write a balanced equation for the complete combustion of each of the following compounds. Part A hexane Express your an %(3).

What is the chemical equation for the complete combustion of 2-methylbutane