Women are the receiving end in

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Women are the receiving end in

Find Free WordPress Themes and plugins. Is this a progressive idea whose time has come? Gandhi wants this window installed in the online complaint system of NCW and made operational within a fortnight. She has cited a reported increase in the number of such complaints.

The matter of women misusing law and lodging false complaints against men and their families has been exercising the legal fraternity and policymakers ever since the Delhi Commission for Women in published a report claiming that 53 percent of rape cases filed in Delhi are false.

Independent research by journalists has also shown that of all the rape cases brought to trial in Delhi inthe largest number 40 percent Women are the receiving end in, pertains to consensual sex criminalised by parents. In such cases, the woman had been coerced to file a complaint. A group of men protest the anti-male bias in several Indian laws.

Some of their demands include not granting alimony to the wife if she is the primary earner of the family, joint custody of children in case of divorce and inclusion of men in laws related to domestic violence, sexual harassment in the workplace and rape.

They resent the automatic assumption by society that women are the victims and men, the predators.

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The women and child development ministry also has the mandate to protect the female family members of the male victim.

Arbitrary application of criminal law to the ordinary wear and tear of married life wrea-ks havoc on a family. A certain amount of affirmative action and positive discrimination with regard to women may be justifiable under some circumstances, but misuse of the law to settle personal scores should not be permitted.

It is they who do the most risky, difficult and challenging jobs and must earn a threshold sum of money to prove their social worth.

Women are the receiving end in

Dissident feminists like Camille Paglia agree with him. This is against the principle of equality espoused by classical feminism, she said. True equality is gender neutrality of all laws, says Paglia.

Studies have shown that 40 percent of rape cases pertain to consensual sex. UNI Quite pertinently, a Solapur court in October ordered a woman to pay maintenance to her younger, homemaker husband citing the Hindu Marriage Act.


According to Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act, either spouse can claim maintenance even though there is no provision for the husband to do so under the Hindu Marriage and Adoption Act. As in India, it is men who marry down in terms of income or even other criteria, like age and caste; it results in women claiming maintenance when marriages break down rather than vice-versa.

However, the NCW, which was set up as a statutory body in January under the National Commission for Women Act,and does not fall under the control of the WCD ministry, has said it may be unable to comply with the request. We will have to look into it from the point of view of our mandate.

The NCW handles about 23, cases annually. Lawyer and activist Vrinda Grover told India Legal: Men have other forums, such as the National Human Rights Com-mission, to make such complaints.

Anyone who knows the status of women in India will appreciate the fact that NCW has its hands full. They have neither the time nor the personnel to attend to such complaints. Judge for yourself whether they are fair: Social activist Kumar Jahgirdar claims he has written to the prime minister demanding the setting up of a national commission for men that can look into cases of false complaints about dowry and sexual harassment at the workplace.

But his demand, on the face of it, seems reactionary. But he, too, has admitted that the ranks of his followers, by default, include some status-quoists and neo-patriarchalists, who are only threatened by the advance of women and want to limit their success. Considering the statistics showing the poor condition of women in India—skewed sex ratio, female foeticides, school drop-outs and declining participation in the organised labour force—why would anyone seek the setting up of government agencies for affirmative action for men rather than women?

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Women are the receiving end in

You can find new Free Android Games and apps.Meyerson explained that missing from the bulk of the conversations around rape culture are all people on the margins — women of color, poor women, undocumented women and trans men and women who are uniquely impacted by sexual assault and harassment.

False Complaints against Men: At the Receiving End. Special Story; False Complaints against Men: At the Receiving End. By. India Legal - August 5, The matter of women misusing law and lodging false complaints against men and their families has been exercising the legal fraternity and policymakers ever since the Delhi Commission for.

But, for the majority of women in America, that simple act is more than a transportation choice. It’s also a risk to end up on the receiving end of street harassment. After the horrifying sexual assault on hordes of women revellers in Cologne on New Year's eve, Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker has asked women to adopt a “code of conduct” to prevent further sexual assaults, which crossed the line into “victim blaming.”.

Women on receiving end in workplace. Sexual harassment is a reality in the workplace and happens far more often than any statistics might suggest, women in the UAE told Gulf News. Men are statistically more likely to go to prison than women for the same crime. Feminists and Men’s Rights Activists alike should be outraged.

People forget that prisons aren’t always there.

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