Why is it important to motivate

Written by Dave Gannaway Why is motivation important? The answer is simply that motivation activates parts of the subconscious mind that otherwise lay dormant.

Why is it important to motivate

Motivation is a very important for an organization because of the following benefits it provides: Puts human resources into action Every concern requires physical, financial and human resources to accomplish the goals.

It is through motivation that the human resources can be utilized by making full use of it. This can be done by building willingness in employees to work. This will help the enterprise in securing best possible utilization of resources. Improves level of efficiency of employees The level of a subordinate or a employee does not only depend upon his qualifications and abilities.

For getting best of his work performance, the gap between ability and willingness has to be filled which helps in improving the level of performance of subordinates. This will result into- Increase in productivity, Reducing cost of operations, and Improving overall efficiency.

Leads to achievement of organizational goals The goals of an enterprise can be achieved only when the following factors take place: Builds friendly relationship Motivation is an important factor which brings employees satisfaction.

This can be done by keeping into mind and framing an incentive plan for the benefit of the employees. This could initiate the following things: Monetary and non-monetary incentives, Promotion opportunities for employees, Disincentives for inefficient employees.

In order to build a cordial, friendly atmosphere in a concern, the above steps should be taken by a manager. This would help in: Effective co-operation which brings stability, Industrial dispute and unrest in employees will reduce, The employees will be adaptable to the changes and there will be no resistance to the change, This will help in providing a smooth and sound concern in which individual interests will coincide with the organizational interests, This will result in profit maximization through increased productivity.

Leads to stability of work force Stability of workforce is very important from the point of view of reputation and goodwill of a concern. The employees can remain loyal to the enterprise only when they have a feeling of participation in the management. The skills and efficiency of employees will always be of advantage to employees as well as employees.

This will lead to a good public image in the market which will attract competent and qualified people into a concern. From the above discussion, we can say that motivation is an internal feeling which can be understood only by manager since he is in close contact with the employees.

Needs, wants and desires are inter-related and they are the driving force to act. These needs can be understood by the manager and he can frame motivation plans accordingly. We can say that motivation therefore is a continuous process since motivation process is based on needs which are unlimited.

The process has to be continued throughout.

Why is it important to motivate

We can summarize by saying that motivation is important both to an individual and a business. Motivation is important to an individual as: Motivation will help him achieve his personal goals. If an individual is motivated, he will have job satisfaction. Motivation will help in self-development of individual.

An individual would always gain by working with a dynamic team. Similarly, motivation is important to a business as: The more motivated the employees are, the more empowered the team is. The more is the team work and individual employee contribution, more profitable and successful is the business.

During period of amendments, there will be more adaptability and creativity.

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Motivation will lead to an optimistic and challenging attitude at work place.Motivation is an important to maintain in a workforce, especially since it's one of the primary driving factors behind a staff that is productive and works together in a dynamic manner. To maintain motivation in staff, management is commonly advised to try to find out what keeps their staff productive and engaged in their work.

Motivation is a very important for an organization because of the following benefits it provides: Puts human resources into action Every concern requires physical, financial and human resources to accomplish the goals.

Business owners often fret about the best way to increase employee motivation. Some might wonder, however, why simply providing a paycheck is not enough. Looking closely at what causes a loss of.

Why is it important to motivate

Employee motivation is important for the health of the company. Without motivated employees, productivity suffers, as do creativity, sales and customer relations, to name just a few. Employees can be motivated through recognition, timely feedback and a positive attitude among top management.

The reason motivation is so important is that it is the only contributor to sports performance over which you have control. My There are three things that affect how well you perform. In the classroom, motivation drives many behaviors and it is important to understand the importance of motivation in an educational environment.

Motivation is described as a state that energizes, directs and sustains behavior.

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