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What i do best

Standards Compliance Control Adapters Recommendation: Controls Adapters were introduced in. Style Properties on Controls Recommendation: Stop setting style values in the control markup, and instead set formatting values in CSS stylesheets.

Web server controls contain dozens of properties which can be used to set in-line style properties. For example, the ForeColor property sets the color of the text for a control.

You can accomplish this same effect more efficiently through CSS stylesheets.

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Stylesheets enable you to centralize style values and avoid setting these values throughout your application. The following example shows a CSS class the sets text to red.

What i do best

Stop using page and control callbacks, and instead use any of the following: In earlier versions of ASP. NET, Page and Control callback methods enabled you to update part of the web page without refreshing an entire page.

You should stop using callback methods because they can cause issues with friendly URLs and routing. By default, controls do not enable callback methods, but if you enabled this feature in a control, you should disable it.

Browser Capability Detection Recommendation: Stop using static browser capability detection, and instead use dynamic feature detection. Detecting feature support through a static lookup is not the best approach. Now, you can dynamically detect a browser's supported features by using a feature detection framework, such as Modernizr.

Feature detection determines support by attempting to use a method or property and then checking to see if the browser produced the desired result. By default, Modernizr is included in the Web application templates.

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Security Request Validation Recommendation: Validate user input, and encode output from users. Request validation is a feature of ASP.

NET that inspects each request and stops the request if a perceived threat is found. Do not depend on request validation for securing your application against cross-site scripting attacks. Instead, validate all input from users and encode the output. In some limited cases, you can use regular expressions to validate the input, but in more complicated cases you should validate user input by using.

NET classes that determine if the value matches allowed values. The following example shows how to use a static method in the Uri class to determine whether the Uri provided by a user is valid.

Absolute ; However, to sufficiently verify the Uri, you should also check to make sure it specifies http or https. The following example uses instance methods to verify that the Uri is valid. Cookieless Forms Authentication and Session Recommendation: Passing authentication information in the query string is not secure.

Therefore, require cookies when your application includes authentication. If your cookie stores sensitive information, consider requiring SSL for the cookie.Join the nation's best network today!

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