Vincent van gogh sat essay

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Vincent van gogh sat essay

He was a poor, unknown artist suffering from a mental disease.

Vincent van gogh sat essay

But his perseverance, use of art as a skill to cope with illness, dedication to art, and the support of his brother helped him to keep on painting. He developed his own style of impasto painting and pushed the boundaries of impressionism.

When van Gogh stayed at the mental hospital in Saint-Remy, he used painting as a coping mechanism to help himself deal with his symptoms. It is a well-known fact that van Gogh had psychological problems; once, he attacked his friend Gauguin, and according to the most popular version of the story from historians, after that he cut half of his ear off with a razor.

During his hospitalization, he created paintings. Instead of allowing himself to get discouraged during his stay at the hospital, van Gogh persevered and continued to work on his paintings.

After all, Theo died two months after Vincent Righthand, Van Gogh was a prolific artist. He painted for 10 years, and during this period of time, he created pieces of art Van Gogh Museum, His paintings demonstrate a clear style of movement and color in thick layers of paint. Artists cannot gain attention without having an original, notable style of their own—so van Gogh worked on developing his distinct style.

Instead of merely copying the impressionism style popular back then, he transformed it into his own; now van Gogh is recognized as being an artist of post-impressionism. Vincent van Gogh became one of the most famous artists in history.

He used art as a tool to fight his mental illness. Despite his difficulties, he diligently worked on his paintings; with the help of his family, he dedicated 10 years of his life to producing an incredible number of paintings.Sep 08,  · Sept. AGAINST THE NIGHT Among the places you might not want to go on late-night excursions with your friends, “abandoned prisons” .

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Here you can find different nationalities and names. For each nationality, you have two different names. Vincent Williem Van Gogh is one of the most popular Dutch painters. He was born on March 30, , in Zundert Netherlands to Theodorus Van Gogh, a pastor, and Anna Cornelia Carbentus.

Vincent's father was a successful preacher, and through him, Vincent learnt to regard his fellow humans with due respect. Cody Choi, visual artist and cultural theorist was born in Seoul in He attended Korea University Sociology major, Korea and Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, USA.

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