Three phase to single phase matrix converters new

AC voltage controller Delay angle control Integral cycle control: Load voltages are the same as the source voltages. The load voltages of the two conducting phases are half of the corresponding line to line voltage, while the load voltage of the other phase is 0. Application—Thyristor-controlled reactor TCR — To control the effective current flowing through the reactor by controlling delay angle, therefore control the reactive power absorbed by the reactor.

Three phase to single phase matrix converters new

This system converts three-phase AC power input from the network into DC power output that can be used for example to charge an energy storage device or supply a direct current distribution system. Since the PCS allows bidirectional power flow, it also allows to convert DC power input from the energy storage device into AC power output to supply the network.

The main circuit comprises an input filter, a three-phase-to-single-phase matrix converter, a high-frequency transformer, a full-bridge converter and an output filter.

Three phase to single phase matrix converters new

The input LC filter is necessary to reduce the harmonic content of the current and allow the connection with the grid. The matrix converter - an array of controlled four-quadrant power switches - is a key element of this topology since performs a direct AC to AC conversion between the grid and a high-frequency transformer.

With this solution it is possible to eliminate the traditional DC-link capacitor and obtain a single-stage power conversion with higher power density and long service life.

The high- frequency transformer provides galvanic isolation between the grid and the energy storage device, resulting in increased safety operation. Furthermore, the transformer turns ratio can be designed in order to apply this converter for a wide voltage range of energy storage devices.

The full-bridge regulates the voltage and current in the battery pack during the charge and discharge process. The output filter is necessary to reduce the voltage and current ripple at the converter output.

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A key aspect of this invention is its novel modulation used to generate the appropriate command signals for the power switches of the matrix converter and the full-bridge allows simultaneously the power factor control in the grid interface and the current regulation in the battery pack.

The matrix converter is controlled by a new space vector modulation that ensures higher power quality in the grid interconnection.

A low current ripple in the energy storage device is guaranteed with this modulation, which results in a lower operating temperature that typically increases the battery life.

BENEFITS The proposed main circuit doesn't have a DC-link capacitor and features a high-frequency transformer, resulting in a more compact solution and with a longer service life when compared with existing technical solutions with the same capabilities.

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Galvanic isolation and voltage level adaptation is provided by the transformer. The new modulation allows to control simultaneously the power factor in the grid interface and the current in the battery pack, or in the formed DC network.

Active power P and reactive power Q can be controlled to provide services for the grid operator or to comply with standards. A higher power quality in the grid interconnection is also obtained due to the use of a new space vector modulation.

The DC current has an accurate regulation and low ripple, making possible to supply sensitive loads such as an energy storage device or a DC distribution system. The single-stage power conversion system, when compared with conventional solutions, has as advantages a higher power density, longer service life, higher power quality in the grid interconnection, power factor control capability, safe operation provided by galvanic isolation, wide DC voltage range of energy storage devices, and DC current regulation with low ripple.

There are, however, suitable processors in the market currently available in the market for this task. The modulation technique to control the conversion topology was already analytically developed.

Using a simulation software it was possible to collect data to corroborate the analytically analysis. These simulation results are reported in separate paper which may be provided upon request. A comparison between the invented PCS referred in the paper as HFLMC and one possible alternative referred in the paper as VSC-DAB is also made and, although it is an initial comparison, the results show that the former has much a higher potential for energy storage applications.HREE–PHASE MATRIX converters are capable of Essentially this method defines a three phase system with a single unity vector (4) Using this unity vector, a space vector representation of combined into two sets leading to two new vectors adjacent to.

Abstract: The converters connected to the power grid, including rectifier and inverter. The rectifier uses DC voltage outer loop control method and the input current inner loop control method, three-phase inverter output current uses SPWM modulation.

Three-phase PWM converters below kW operate with relatively high switching frequency (20 kHz - kHz) • Norm of a matrix: Dushan Boroyevich: Modeling and Control of Three-Phase PWM Converters new coordinates are also,uy = uy,uz = uz,ux =0 r r r r r r DB Three-phase to single-phase matrix converter ( MC) is a direct AC power conversion device to feed single phase AC facilities and supplied by three phase generator or grid lines, also can be.

New Modulation and Control Scheme for Phase-Modular Isolated Matrix-Type Three-Phase AC/DC Converter P. Cortés, J. Huber, M. Silva, J. W. Kolar The proposed IMY-Rectier consists of three single-phase matrix converters, connected in star conguration, as shown in Fig.

2. The input side of each matrix converter is connected to.

Three phase to single phase matrix converters new

These units will power up to a 3 hp motor, with true 3 phase output, unlike most electronic phase converters that only output 2/3 the power, these units output % of the 3 phase power needed to run your motor.

volts single phase input, volts three phase output.

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