The rise of the third reich essay

As a whole, the collection is concerned with refuting some myths about the Third Reich: In general, the essays lack direction and cohesion, often fail to give specific examples to their points and maddeningly fail to cite their quotes. This essay attack A collection of essays on Nazi Germany, edited and with an intro by Richard Bessel. This essay attacks the commonly-held idea that Hitler's takeover was marked by an absence of large-scale violence.

The rise of the third reich essay

Totalitarian means a form of government that does not allow rival political parties and demands total obedience from the people and, dictatorship means ruler who has complete power.

The rise of the third reich essay

The Nazi Party did have as its intention the creation of what we would see as a totalitarian dictatorship, but the important question is how far they achieved this goal. A law was passed making illegal any other political party other than the Nazi Party.

The individual German states also lost their independence. Nazi governors were put in charge to replace the elected state governors, making the Third Reich a Nazi only state.

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The Enabling Law allowed Hitler a dictatorial position, as he no longer had to consult the Reichstag on matters arising, he could pass whatever policy he wished. However, it can be argued that the Third Reich was not a totalitarian dictatorship as Hitler did not exercise his authority efficiently enough to become a totalitarian leader.

Mommsen describes how he became much removed from day-to-day decision making and distanced himself from policies, either through laziness or through a fear of becoming associated with unpopular decisions e.

Indeed Mommsen goes further, saying that Hitler's fanatical and irrational objectives could not have formed the basis for rational government.

The rise of the third reich essay

He remained a propagandist and much of what he said was nothing more than propaganda. The use of propaganda was however a vital aspect to the indoctrination of the ordinary German people to follow Nazi ideology through sensorship.

The media was virtually taken over by the Nazi's. Two-thirds of the national newspapers were controlled by the Nazi's, material was vetted before it even got to the journalists. Radio broadcasting stations were bought up by the Nazi's and radios were mass produced solely for the use of distribution amongst the German people.

Loudspeakers were also installed in public places for the use of collective listening. By this instrument you are the creators of public opinion'. Further to this was the introduction of the Nazi salute, this strengthened the individual's identity with the regime, thus ensuring Nazi ideological conformity.The Third Reich is not the awful destroyer of human beings and moral values, but their protector; the German soldier is not Hitler’s instrument of genocide, but a type of Germanic St.

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George spearing the communist dragon. Brecht's series of 24 interconnected playlets describe what life was like in German households in the s. They dramatize with clinical precision the suspicion and anxiety experienced by ordinary people, particularly Jewish citizens, as the power of Hitler grew.

Adolf Hitler's Rise to Power Hitler's Early Life At p.m. on the evening of April 20, , he was born in the small Austrian village of Braunau Am Inn just across the border from German Bavaria. If you are interested in the implementation of the unthinkable, read The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

If you want to understand how the Third Reich could happen, read The Rise and Fall of the Third vetconnexx.coms: K.

Feb 01,  · Books & the Arts; February 26, , Issue; The Men Who Made the Third Reich Rule by Fear.

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