The dark crystal

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The dark crystal

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The dark crystal

They are the opposite of the gentle UrRu known as the Mystics in the movie. Contents [ show ] Appearance The Skeksis are part reptile, part predatory bird and part dragon and wore elaborate but threadbare robes to make themselves appear more larger and intimidating. History When The Crystal originally known as the Crystal of Truth cracked long, one of the two races born from the essence of the semi-devine race of creatures known as the UrSkeks, resulting from the split were the evil Skeksis, embodiments of the evil inside the UrSkeks.


Possessing all of the negative attributes of society, and none of the positive ones, they live out a superficial existence of intrigue and plots against each other while struggling to retain their grip on the biodiverse planet Thra.

They keep essence-drained Podlings as slaves, have their own personal army in the Garthimand absolutely despise Gelflings, a race they thought they have completely exterminated.

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There were originally eighteen Skeksis, but by the time of the Great Conjunction when they rejoined with their benevolent opposites, the Mystics, only eight remained.Instead, The Power of the Dark Crystal will be hitting shelves as a issue comic series, based on the unused feature script and drawn by artists with an eye toward the legendary Brian Froud.

An unofficial "director's cut" of the Dark Crystal, containing audio and some video from an original workprint of the film, preserving the original scene order and darker tone of the film.

WHY WE LOVE IT: We love being able to tell stories in the worlds Jim Henson created and few are as ripe for visual storytelling as the stunning world of Thra and The Dark Crystal.

Glowing Crystal Ball. We’ve improved on the whole idea of crystal clearness and crystal balls with this /2" dia (bigger than a pool ball, smaller than a tennis ball) glass sphere with glow-in-the-dark .

The dark crystal

Dec 17,  · Watch video · Because DARK CRYSTAL is a masterpiece, it might have its flaws, but that doesn´t prevent it from being one of the greatest fantasy movies ever. Even though is so forgotten by everyone. Even i forget i have it/10(K). * * * [] Crystal Chamber - Dark Crystal The skeksis get pretty pissed when they see Jen on the balcony, and some Garthim are coming, so his only chance of escape is to jump onto the Dark Crystal.

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