Sensationalism and the littleton homicide

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Sensationalism and the littleton homicide

We are pleased to make reasonable accommodations for members of the public who are disabled and wish to attend the meeting.

If special arrangements for the meeting are necessary, please notify the Research Division of the Legislative Counsel Bureau, in writing, at the Legislative Building, South Carson Street, Carson City, Nevadaor call Deborah Rengler at as soon as possible.

Notice of this meeting was posted in the following Carson City, Nevada, locations: Notice of this meeting was faxed for posting to the following Las Vegas, Nevada, locations: In her opening remarks, Chairwoman Leslie noted that the subcommittee would be hearing testimony regarding a number of issues relative to the death penalty, including the cost of this system, discovery, and application of capital punishment to juveniles and persons afflicted with mental retardation.

She pointed out that The Constitution Project recommends: To ensure that the death penalty is reserved for the most culpable offenders and to effectuate the deterrent and retributive purposes of the death penalty, persons with mental retardation and persons under the age of 18 at the time of the crime should not be eligible for the death penalty.

Mental retardation compromises legal defense—People with mental retardation have a permanent disability that impairs their understanding. They form simple, limited notions of what is expected of them, including pleasing those around them, and are typically followers rather than leaders.

Sensationalism and the littleton homicide

People with retardation try to mask their disability—A person with mental retardation exerts maximum effort to appear and sound normal to those around them, thus preventing those who are judging them from being able to do so accurately.

Professional judgment is necessary to assess competence related to mental retardation. Determining mental retardation—It is not difficult for professionals to ascertain who is mentally retarded.

While an individual may be able to fake a low score on a single test, mentally retarded persons cannot falsely achieve a higher intelligence quotient IQ than they possess.

Those with an IQ lower than 70 will also have a record of special education services and poor academic and social performance. Both the federal government and the state rely on this type of evaluation in determining who is eligible for life-long taxpayer support.

Nevada recognizes this level of disability as constituting serious impairment. Likewise, it can be argued logically that that these individuals also do not meet the legal standards for culpability that apply to persons of normal intelligence.

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Lahren urged the subcommittee to recommend the elimination of the death penalty for those who are afflicted with mental retardation.

Lahren reported that in four recent surveys, over 70 percent of Americans opposed the execution of persons with significant mental retardation. Chairwoman Leslie asked for a brief description of the difference between mental retardation and mental illness.

Lahren prefaced his remarks by noting that he is not a licensed clinical psychologist. Lahren explained that mental retardation involves difficulty with basic intellectual functioning.

A person who is mentally retarded lacks the basic resources necessary to grasp the complexities of society. At the time of conception, certain factors cause changes in the structure of the brain or the method in which brain chemistry functions, resulting in mental retardation.

For instance, an assault upon a developing fetus from environmental pollutants can result in various developmental problems related to cell formation. Lahren reported that individuals with mental illness are typically of average or above-average intelligence.

In the most severe kinds of mental illness, the brain does not properly process chemicals, causing a person to be episodically or persistently disengaged from reality. The mentally ill typically have delusions and hallucinate; they may see or hear things that are not present.

Mentally retarded persons usually do not experience these problems.Liko Kenney and Aiyana Stanley-Jones were both victims of police abuse.

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