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Rencontres odas

Published on Friday 25 February Just because I have had this obsession of figuring nude on the internet, here it is: I was born near Nancy in Lorraine way back in the late fifties. The skies there are very poor on average, eventhough sometimes, mainly after a big storm, I have seen spectacular skies in the Lorraine countryside.

With such a poor sky, coming to astronomy was not obvious, but eventually, a cousin of my mother whom had built a 80mm refractor and had showed me Jupiter. This impressed me very much.

My first observation was that of the solar eclipse of June 30th the last day of school After that I started to do some astronomy, I mean full time, the rest becoming stupid Rencontres odas of time, like going to school and other things.

If I were not spending all my time Rencontres odas astronomy, I would find some time playing my accordeons and accordina I learn how to play accordeon while younger, taking music classes during 10 years, and in fact paying my first telescope playing music on saturday nights.

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A short description of my favorite astronomical activities could be described in these few keywords: Schmidt telescopes, Wide field astrophotography, hypersensitisation of photographic plates. Wide field CCD cameras Asteroids, Comets, Near Earth Objects, Neo catastrophism Spaceguard Amateur astronomy, public outreach When one has only one life, it is easy to realize it is better to do several things during it, instead of doing only one, then die.

Rencontres odas

I had already several phases of my life, hoping to get more. Retired with money would be nice: I still remember the photographic plates, the smell of developer, hydrogen hypersensitisation, the beauty of the images, the thrill of discovering a comet on a piece of gelatin. All this was buried by digital photography.

Still this was an interesting epoch. I started to work at the OCA Schmidt telescope, which at the time was far from being able to produce any science results. This was quite an obvious proof that you can have the title of "astronomer", a team of 8 persons working full time, and still being unable to make a telescope work correctly.

Then I went 4 years in California, as a photographic scientist for the second Palomar Observatory Sky Survey, I helped starting the blue and red survey and left before much was done on the near IR survey. But in the mean time I got more and more interested in asteroids and comets. At the time Spacewatch was starting to get good results with CCDs, and the need for a transition was quite obvious.

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Except for people not in the field. I came back in France and worked hard to get the Schmidt telescope to work, which it did. Then install a CCD camera at its focus.

With a couple of guys from the original team Dominique Albanese and Christian Pollasand many students who came at the telescope, we were able to transform the almost unuseable telescope into a working telescope, and it was one of the first Schmidt telescope in the world equipped with a relatively large CCD at its focus.

All this was possible thanks to the support of then director Philippe Delache.

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The following ones made everything to close the telescope, J. The following director Jacques Collin closed the telescope all together. After setting goals which were impossible to obtain without any workers in the end, we were two persons left to observe wit the telescope and improve itand any money, he arrived at the logical conclusion that the telescope had to be closed.

A few years later, he used more or less the same technique to close the interferometers, now there is only one telescope left at what used to be CERGA, and you can bet that pretty soon the whole thing will be history.

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The thing is, it is normal that telescopes close after a while, if they are not productive anymore, or if they cost too much compared to the number of publication they produce. We discovered more than asteroids during this collaboration.1) La concertation et la réflexion: par les rencontres, échanges, et partages de pratiques.

Ce réseau est un lieu de partage d'inforamtions et d'expériences vécues par les professionnels dans leur travail de terrain afin de mener une réflexion sur les problématiques et projets en construction.

Le ministère de la Justice veut réduire la population carcérale de 8 personnes "Le gouvernement présente mercredi un plan pour les prisons, qui prévoit notamment la fin de l'emprisonnement pour les très courtes peines.

Rencontres odas

Rencontre Arras, Pas de Calais, Nord Pas de Calais, France DIANA, 55 ans A votre rencontre odas le soir en s’endormant on a peur de, Le Muséum d'histoire naturelle de Toulouse est un lieu d'informations et de débats dédié aux "Sciences et Conscience du vivant" Responsables de formation.

Délégué général de l’Observatoire national de l’action sociale (ODAS). Christian Pihet (postf) Professeur de géographie à l’université d’Angers. Centre national de la fonction publique territoriale Délégation régionale Centre Bibliographie – concours attaché territorial p.

3/7 CONSEILS BIBLIOGRAPHIQUES. Actualité de l'UDAF 83 Rencontre des Présidents d’Associations Familiales de l’Est Var 27/06/ Dans le cadre de son plan de développement associatif, l’UDAF du Var va régulièrement à la rencontre de ses associations familiales par territoire.

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