Patel motel business plan

Six years ago, Pawan Dhingra, a newly-appointed sociology professor at Tufts University, set out to examine why such an ubiquitous and distinctly American roadside fixture became so popular among this community, focusing on a surge of Gujarati motel keepers who contributed to the "Patel motel" phenomenon.

Patel motel business plan

Hitesh Patel principal Mr. Patel has built business partnerships that create revenue, playing a key role in sourcing deals, financing acquisition and development, negotiating licenses and reviewing contracts.

He has also developed contracts to reorganize and reposition properties for future growth. Hamant Patel principal Mr. Patel has played a key role in successfully building 5 properties from initial planning to opening, including evaluating the market feasibility and financial performance of a proposed hotels.

Anju Patel Director of Operations Mrs. Patel has over 20 years experience in the lodging industry and a vast knowledge of operations. Beena Patel Director of Revenue Management Beena has over twenty years experience in the hospitality industry with expertise in hotel operations, management and risk control encompassing loss prevention and insurance matters.

Her areas of responsibility include new hotel openings and oversight of properties. Danielle Zayatz Area Director Mrs.

patel motel business plan

She has also managed many Marriott and Hilton branded hotels. Her focus has been on standards of operations, revenue enhancement, profitability, training and human resources.

patel motel business plan

She is a trusted advisor with expertise in all aspects of hotel management and development.Jun 11,  · Spain’s Plan to Exhume Franco Unearths Divisions keepers who contributed to the "Patel motel" phenomenon.

a domino effect where others who were interested in small business and concerned. Shaan Patel Shaan Patel, 25, an entrepreneur from Las Vegas, Nevada, has never quite followed the expected path.. He spent his formative years growing up in the Sky Ranch Motel, a self-proclaimed.

Gujarati entrepreneurs moving beyond Patel motels: Four stories of next-gen Patels in US. By Ishani Duttagupta Devesh Patel moved from the motel industry to create a LED lighting firm. That doesn’t mean he is not tone deaf to the needs of his family business.

The Patel Family Hotel/Motel Monopoly: Who Are The Patels?

Gujarati entrepreneurs moving beyond Patel motels: Four stories of next-gen. Patel, 64, of Atlanta, is Jhala’s business partner in the development of the Khan Drive property. He is a real estate developer and owner of Karma Developers LLC.

Humble Beginnings to a Flourishing Business. Coming from humble roots, Maganlal (Mags) Patel purchased its first property in A quaint, 14 unit motel, located in Newport News, Virginia, was the first venture of what would become a diverse portfolio.

Since they had a built up motel family, the lodging business had turned out to be all the more effortlessly available to them, and more individuals got into the business. Owning a motel in those days was lumpy, unglamorous work, including extended work hours, something that the Patels were ready to do.

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