Learning from our weaknesses and embracing our strengths

Educational Leadership "What makes us weird also makes us wonderful. Discovering Uniqueness by Flaunting Weakness. A student who, like Rendall as a child, may have difficulties remaining still or quiet, or doing what they're told, may be criticized or punished for these characteristics.

Learning from our weaknesses and embracing our strengths

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Wheelchair Florida August 29 How would you spend your time if you were locked in an empty room for a day, with no cell phone or TV to distract you? When you dream are you still disabled? Why do you think this might be?

When I dream, whether or not I am disabled varies depending on the dream. What is one lesson you have learned as an individual with disability? We all have our strengths and weaknesses and it is up to us which one we embrace and what we show the world.

If you had a superpower what would it be and why?


If I had a superpower it would be to fly because I would be able to defy stereotypes and show that I am more than what meets the eye. I would also want to be a source of inspiration for others to go beyond what limits them and show what they can do. Can you tell us about your platform or what you like to advocate for?

I have plans to be an example of this and speak about Youbilities through different forms of media. I would like to implement the Youbilities program in schools to teach kids about people in history who have overcome their obstacles.We fulfill our potential when we focus on elevating our personal strengths, rather than trying to address our weaknesses.

StrengthsFinder lists 34 potential strengths; after taking the assessment, you learn about your top five strengths and how to leverage them in life and work.

Many books and online resources explain the strengths of the INFJ personality vetconnexx.comr, examining our strengths is only looking at one side of the personality coin. Ignoring the other side means being oblivious to an equally important part of your personality — your weaknesses.

Assessment of strengths and weaknesses Personally, strengths and weakness will vary throughout my professional career. In particularly, developing a commitment to life long learning will help mitigate or abate many of the negative influences that may occur as a health care educator.

Learning from our weaknesses and embracing our strengths

Embracing Learning Differences Last fall, I took an introductory course on Universal Design for Learning. Universal Design for learning is a set of principles for teaching in order to provide support to all learners, regardless of learning differences, so they can .

Join Todd Dewett for an in-depth discussion in this video Understanding strengths and weaknesses, part of Management Tips Weekly software and learning paths.

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Strengths Scribbles: Embracing my Weaknesses - while still being true to my Strengths

We were unable to submit. Interview with Priscilla Gilman – Embracing the Strengths of a Special Needs Child. Blog. Interview with Priscilla Gilman – Embracing the Strengths of a Special Needs Child.

December 3rd, By Harriet | 3 Comments even a learning disability, in either of our .

How to Embrace Strengths & Weaknesses | Dr. Christina Hibbert