Gender bias in the smurfs

In the original graphic novels, Smurfette or La Schtroumpfette in French was the creation of the evil Gargamel, who made her to sow chaos among the all-male Smurf society. And they all have names based on their unique qualities.

Gender bias in the smurfs

Why women writers will always experience gender bias This post from Max Barry is too good to not share. It starts like this: This has been a great year for male writers, with women shunted aside for major prizes and all-new hand-wringing about why it is so.

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Naipaul for the sound byte: I read a piece of writing and within a paragraph or two I know whether it is by a woman or not. I think [it is] unequal to me.

And inevitably for a woman, she is not a complete master of a house, so that comes over in her writing too. I mentioned this particular quote to a fairly successful male writer last month and he took a little umbrage to the suggestion that women writers are being underrepresented by the award and anthology circuits.

Being a white guy writer, he has a harder time seeing the bias. I encouraged him to prove me wrong with cold hard facts, sir, and I would join his umbrage! Wait, I have some facts, I can whip up a handy graph right this minute from the last 6 years of Best American Short Stories data.

So much for the umbrage. We both agreed that V. Naipaul is cranky and old and probably smells like couch cushions. Then I polled a few writers on who their favorite authors were, and the female writers answered with a mix of male and female authors while the male writers with one single exception replied with a list of male names.

Can you guess which of these respondents are male and which are female? I buy lit journals with any pocket money I ever have, and Lolita will probably be my favorite novel forever and always.

Gender bias in the smurfs

Scott Momaday, Francine Prose. This has much to do with what Max Barry called the problem of Dogs and Smurfs.

My daughter has no problem with this. She reads these books the way they were intended: After years of such books, my daughter can happily identify with these characters.

And this is great. She will process these stories as being primarily not about males but about human beings. The five-year-old boy who lives up the street from me does not have a shelf groaning with stories about girl animals. Because you have to seek those books out, and as the parent of a boy, why would you?

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There are so many great books about boys to which he can relate directly. Smurf stories must make perfect sense to him: I get it now. Women writers are Smurfette, in a sea of dogs who are male by default. George Elliott figured this out years ago, this is no surprise. Remember my informal poll of sensitive male writer types?According to dictionaries, the term sexism commonly refers to discrimination against women; however, sexism can also apply to men.

Due to the Smurfs being portrayed as a single-gender race with only a few female Smurfs that were introduced into the cast of characters, sexism is an unavoidable topic both within the mainstream media universe .

Jan 20,  · The Smurfs have turned 50 and made it to century 21, but some say the lack of girl Smurfs makes it old-fashioned. An upcoming Smurfs movie plans to . Gender stereotyping is also a concern in Smurfs.

We can still see the same stereotypical views about women that were incorporated in the ’s in movies such as Beauty and the Beast, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella.

Media's Gender Bias and the 'Smurfette Principle' Media's Gender Bias and the 'Smurfette Principle' "Blue," the dog is a female.

Gender bias in the smurfs

The Smurfs have a cast of all males except for one Smurfette. order to assign gender an equal number of times throughout the paper. While this seems to be an equal and viable way to split the.

The Smurfs, originating as they did in mid-century Europe, exhibit the quaint sexism in which boys or men are generic people – with their unique qualities and abilities – while girls and women are primarily identified by their femininity.

The sequel doesn’t upend the premise of Smurfette. In. Melissa Farley, Ph.D. (born ) is an American clinical psychologist, researcher and feminist anti-pornography and anti-prostitution activist. [4] [5] Farley is best known for her studies of the effects of prostitution, trafficking and sexual violence.

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