Creationism should not be taught in schools essay

Submit This is the deal Creationism is simply not a scientific study. It is philosophy because it includes religious elements. If a parent wants their child to learn about creationism, enroll them in bible study and other classes through your local church.

Creationism should not be taught in schools essay

The Educational Issues One can ask a number of questions about creationism: Is it a religion? Is it legal to teach it in the public schools?


Would it be practical to include it in the science curriculum? This article deals with the last of these questions, looking at the educational consequences of creation teachings being given "equal time" in public school science.

The legal, scientific, and, especially, religious issues are not ignored, however, for they have a direct effect on this very pragmatic issue of insuring an adequate education for public school students.

The Importance of Religion Religions play a significant role in our society, particularly those relying on the Judeo-Christian Bible. Furthermore, those faiths promoting various literal interpretations of that book are becoming among the most vocal in the nation.

To neglect this fact in the public school curriculum, to give religion no place whatever, would imply either a myopic or anti-religious outlook. Therefore it is only reasonable that religion, the Bible, and, yes, even Special Creation, should have its place in the education of our youth.

Creationism should not be taught in schools essay

He wrote, "The very fact that we usually do not mention religion or religious issues means that we are teaching very definite ideas about religion, especially that religion is not important To say that the schools can teach the entire world of knowledge but must exclude religion is censorship of the worst sort There is no academic freedom where every area of knowledge can be taught except one Bergman then went on to add, "If schools are to be a place where students can debate important questions, it would seem that eliminating religious questions would shelter students from an important area of debate which is crucial for living a well-rounded life.

Bergman seems to be advocating classes in comparative religion, comparative anthropology, comparative sociology, or their like. A Category Mistake Since religious liberals and conservatives both agree that comparative religion belongs in the public schools, where is the point of contention?

It is simply this: Bergman, would like to see religion, at least in the form of Special Creation, brought into the science classroom. And though some creationists have attempted to demonstrate that "scientific" creationism is not religious, Dr. Bergman apparently has not. In the aforementioned article he wrote, "Religion is a belief structure, and all fields of knowledge are based on belief structures, even though some fields of knowledge include more empirical content than others.

Creationism should not be taught in schools essay

There isn't one course of study offered where the Bible isn't a textbook, a point the college boasts of in its catalog Christian Heritage Courier, But is this effort to religify every subject, from physical education to wood shop, practical for the public schools?

Not unless our idea of practical includes pinpointing the religious differences between students so they can form their battle lines and create campus strife.

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And there is an interesting contradiction here, too. If Bergman is trying to deny that a line can be drawn between the sacred and secular in education, we must ask if he is using the Constitution to support this.

Most creationists cite the Constitution for their own ends. But the very Constitution cited draws just the sort of line between sacred and secular that Bergman seems to deny!Teaching Creationism in public schools has been a controversial topic in America’s public schools for almost a century.

Unfortunately, while the controversy is an issue that nearly every American has an opinion about, it is also an issue about which most Americans know very little.

Teaching Creationism in public schools has been a controversial topic in America’s public schools for almost a century. Unfortunately, while the controversy is . Teaching Creationism in Schools The question as to whether or not creationism should be taught in public schools is a very emotional and complex question.

Essay: Should Creationism be Taught in Public Schools?

Argumentative Essay: Why Creationism Should be Taught in Schools. The theory of creationism has been banned from public schools for a long time now. Since the Scopes Trial, evolution has been taught in schools thus pushing creationism aside, until its teaching was completely prohibited in schools.

Since public schools have become bias and. In order to develop a reasonable opinion on the issue, it is important to understand the arguments on both sides; and nearly everyone who understands both sides of the debate agrees Creationism, or other alternatives to evolution, should not be taught in public schools.

Creationism should not be taught in science class because it has no supporting evidence, it is not equal to evolution, and religious myths can not be taught in public schools in an officially non religious nation.

Should Creationism Be Taught In Public Schools? Essay