Communism essay introduction

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Communism essay introduction

Socialism is the antithesis of individualism, which gave birth, to the capitalistic system of society. Socialism came as a countering force against the injustice and incompetence of capitalism, which involved exploitation of peasants and workers by those who own the instruments of production.

The advocates of Socialism regard the State as the instrument of achieving the greatest good of the largest community.

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It does not minimise the importance of the individual but seeks to subordinate the individual to the community. Gandhiji also looks upon the state as an instrument of oppression of the common people.

Communism essay introduction

It thinks that the interest of the individual can be best safeguarded and promoted by maximising the control of the State.

But according to the latter, i. Thus, the two schools of thought differed more in their political methods than in the legitimacy of ends. Socialism is both an economic and a political doctrine. It seeks to abolish private ownership of the means of production on the ground that such ownership and management lead to social inequalities and incompetence.

Hence, the socialists want to promote the common economic, political and moral interests of the people by replacing the present individualistic society with public ownership and public control of the means of production and distribution. The present order of society in the West is marked by private ownership of land, mines, factories, railways etc.

In our country, State-ownership seeks to look after developments. Private proprietors of these use them for the purpose of making the largest amount of profits for themselves. The decision as to what and how much to produce depends entirely on the sole consideration of private profit, the whole of which is appropriated by a small section of the people.

Thus under capitalism, the few roll in riches, while the many wallow in poverty. But under socialism, the means of production will be operated by the community through a highly democratic State-owned machinery, with a view to securing the maximum benefit to the society. Ownership is vested in the actual workers.

Hence, the socialist management of production will not only prevent the exploitation of the many by the few, but it will bring into existence a new order of society where every decision with regard to what and how much to produce will be made by considerations of usefulness of such things to society.

Communism essay introduction

Thus socialism, which grew out of the discontent among the toiling mass against the present social system, seeks to reconstruct society economically and politically on a new basis. The oldest type of socialism, which appeared for the first time in the writings of Plato, is known as Utopian Socialism.

Plato, in his Republic described the State as it ought to be, rather than as it is. Utopian socialism found its advocate in St. Simon of France and Roberts Owen of England.Free Essay: I Introduction Communism: A theory and system of social and political organization that was a major force in world politics for much of the 20th.

"For political, economic, social and cultural reasons, communism collapsed in Eastern Europe" does a good job of "telegraphing" the reader what to expect in the essay—a section about political reasons, a section about economic reasons, a section about social reasons, and a section about cultural reasons.

However, political, economic, social. Marx And Communism Essay, Research Paper A ghost is stalking Europe the ghost of Communism. This was the opening line of Karl Marx s Manifesto of the Communist Party when it was published in Today, with the evident failure of so many Communist experiments, this statement should be changed to A ghost is stalking [ ].

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Communism in Russia essaysCommunism is a form of government where a society works toward the benefit of the community. When Russia rebelled against the monarchy held by the Czar, Lenin established communism as the new form of government. . Introduction Communism is a social structure in which classes are abolished and property is commonly controlled, as well as a political philosophy and social movement that advocates and aims to create such a Marx, the father of communist thought, posited that communism would be the final stage in society, which would be achieved.

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