Case study of adhd child

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is the neurobehavioral disorder which is characterized with such symptoms as disability to focus attention on something, hyperactivity and uncontrolled impulsiveness. The main characteristic feature of the disorder in comparison with other psychological disorders is that it starts in the early childhood and follows the individual the whole life. The disorder is very controversial, because many doctors think that it is not a single disorder but a complex of symptoms which coexist together.

Case study of adhd child

Browse through the vignettes and see which ones fit your current situation and challenges. After a diagnostic evaluation revealed a diagnosis of ADHD, Christine was started on a stimulant medication. Christine also spent several session with a psychotherapist to explore the emotional and social impact of her ADHD.


The psychiatrist confirmed an earlier diagnosis of ADHD and got Lenny started on medication, as well as helping him set up better sleep and exercise habits. A consult with the nutrition coach gave Lenny the information and encouragement he needed to improve his diet.

Participation in the Teen Social Skills Group helped him with social cues and interactions. Peter met with an executive function coach for study skills and academic support, both in person and in regular phone meetings. Peter began to set specific academic goals, organize his study schedule, apply more effective study techniques, and set up a system for daily money management.

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He also obtained accommodations from the college. In time, Peter was able to find a better balance between his social and academic life, feel more organized and have more confidence in his life choices.

Like many ADD adults, he got bored easily and changed jobs frequently. And he never felt that he had worked up to his potential.

He also had a better appreciation for the role that good sleep and exercise patterns had on his ADHD symptoms and his ability to function at work.

When he began to record the conversations with his sales clients in pictures and diagrams, he felt much more able to organize information and tasks. He developed a clearer sense of his life goals and the steps he needed to take to get there. And his regular mountain biking sessions provided him with enough sensory stimulation to help control his inner restlessness and stay on task longer.

Steve felt calmer, more directed and more accomplished in his work.

Case study of adhd child

I can never live up to their expectations. She felt incompetent and her kids and husband reinforced this idea. Linda was referred to an Executive Function Coach, who helped her set up systems that got the mess in her household under control.

The coach suggested she carry a simple notebook to keep track of tasks; and that she begin each day by setting up a schedule. Visual cues around her house helped her stay on task and on time. Linda also brought her husband in for a meeting with a psychotherapist where he had the opportunity to vent some of his frustrations with Linda and to learn the realistic expectations for an adult with ADHD.

And he has no idea how to stay consistent with the kids. The therapist helped the couple explore the difficulties of communication in a relationship where one partner has ADHD; and had them establish basic rules for listening and speaking. Several parenting sessions gave Rob some guidelines for how he and Jenn could team up more effectively to support and discipline their children.

After meeting with the psychiatrist, Rob also started taking medication and got his sleep, diet and exercise patterns under control. What had felt like a hopeless situation to Jenn now felt like a relationship that could heal and grow, and a family that could stay together.Our literature review revealed the description of methods of a randomized controlled clinical trial, 33 two case reports,34, 35 one case series, 36 one survey study, 37 and two commentaries on the chiropractic care of children with ADHD, 39 Of interest were four studies related to the topic of ADHD.

Case study of adhd child

Case Study: ADHD, dyslexia, low confidence Sep 12, | Child Reviews, DM Case Studies, DM News Blog, Parent Reviews | 0 comments Having ADHD, dyslexia and chronic low confidence, Cameron had the odds stacked against him when it came to reading and spelling. ADHD is the most commonly diagnosed disorder in children, affecting fully seven percent of the youth population.

At least half of the children who come into my office have ADHD. One recent case study suggests that chiropractic care for a child with migraines may not only resolve their head pain issue in a completely natural way.

Case Study: ADHD and Migraine Improve with Chiropractic

neither of which is a good place for a child to be. namely attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and Tourette syndrome (TS), more than Nov 02,  · Adhd is a neurobiological developmental disorder that considerably affects case study on adhd disorder self-control, behavior, cognition, and learning.

this instantly skews the study towards that side attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) is widely prevalent and affects more young children than adolescents, and boys more than girls. Jenny’s Speech provides autism treatment in Tucson, AZ.

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Below is one case study of a 3 year-old child with autism. The Opportunity: For the sake of this case study the child’s name has been changed to Steven.

Steven is a delightful blond haired boy with a great smile and .

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