Ballard power systems business plan

Joe from sales was excellent. He explained everything in detail including the cost and what to expect from solar.

Ballard power systems business plan

Rob Brown I just want to start with kind of Germany, in the European bus market, you talked about some ramping in the back half of the year. But maybe just kind of an update on the fuel cell penetration rate in that market and kind of how that can grow and what opportunity is there in your view?

I think those two programs are in the volume range for the total programs. So, lots of discussion going on about the next step subsequent to that. I think after China, Europe is the most important fuel of activity for fuel cell act, motive applications. Marine obviously, some interesting activity there for us recently.

And on the marine application, what sort of the timeline in your view and maybe sort of the economic can outline sort of unit revenue potential or however you want to characterize it? And then last question just on the receivables balance, you talked about some collections from China, but how much was collected of that 11 million from China?

Rob Brown Okay, thank you. Carter Driscoll Hey, good morning gentlemen. So, significant potential movement at least in the U. Just get your thoughts on this becoming potentially law and any near-term or medium-term impact that you could foresee?

We have seen a lot of activity in terms of regulation, in terms of funding, in terms of discussion with partners there and I believe as I kind of think about the markets, China market number one, Europe, market number two, California, market number three, and continue to make a lot of progress and continue investment in our California market opportunities.

Carter Driscoll Okay, I appreciate that. How important is the development of your LCF stack and module to potentially winning another brand name OEM in China, in terms of just creating a power density, pushing them over them of becoming a potentially future customer. Randall MacEwen Yes, so two issues there.

First of all, the development of the LCF and the HDVA module, are not tied to performance, these are really commercial launches.

So, there is a lot of activity underway, I think there is a lot of interest in Ballard technology specifically because we are vertically integrated which enables cost compressions. Carter Driscoll Did you supply any of the JV with any technology or any direct shipments I should say from Vancouver, I know obviously MEAs goes through that process, but anything directly shippers is pretty much everything being set aside now in China from the JV.

Randall MacEwen Yes, in terms of the sequencing or value chain positioning with respect to the nine-fuel cell stack technology.

Carter Driscoll No more direct shipments from Vancouver, correct? We do have shipments of modules as well for module kits. Actually, very busy quarter for us with our technology solutions team both on Siemens as well as deliveries for CRRC in Q2. Siemens I believe is a very happy with the progress we have been making on the technical milestones.

So, very strong relationship with the Siemens going forward I believe. And then in terms of CRRC, we did have shipments of modules for modules in Q2 to effectively close out the deliveries for that program.

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I personally went to the Gaoming line during the quarter as well and talked to the Gaoming government that line is expected to start operation in Ballard Power Systems (NASDAQ: BLDP; TSX: BLDP) provides clean energy products that reduce customer costs and risks, and helps customers solve difficult technical and business challenges in their fuel cell programs.

Updated world stock indexes.

ballard power systems business plan

Get an overview of major world indexes, current values and stock market data. Ballard Power Systems provided updates on a dozen programs or orders spanning its products in buses, commercial trucks, unmanned underwater vehicles, power backup, forklifts, and even trains.

Change in Control Agreement

Ballard Power Systems, Inc. BLDP has entered into a definitive agreement with Revision Military Ltd., a private U.S.-based company, to sell certain non-core assets of its subsidiary, Protonex.

Ballard Power Systems Inc. $ (1,) $ (4,) $ (6,) $ (20,) Ballard Power Systems Europe A/S non-controlling interest () () Total comprehensive loss for period $ (1,) $ (4,) $ (6,) $ (21,) Basic and diluted loss per share attributable to Ballard Power Systems Inc.

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