An overview of digital imaging and photography

Preface Kodak has long been the dominant player in the US photofinishing market, and recently has staked out significant territory in the digital camera arena as well. Many industry observers though, have wondered how this photo industry giant will make the transition as more and more consumer photography goes digital.

An overview of digital imaging and photography

Get information about the skills that Bachelor of Science B. Some courses in digital photography may be available as a B. While both programs share courses, such as lighting and darkroom techniques, the B.

An overview of digital imaging and photography

Students also learn about using a variety of computer software programs and about numerous types of photography. Admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a GED certificate or a high school diploma apart from possessing a digital camera and, in some schools, demonstrating a portfolio.

Technical and business coursework is emphasized by a B. The development of design and creative skills is important in a B.

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All the degree programs related to digital photography teach students how to take photographs, work with them in a digital darkroom, make prints, and prepare them for demonstrating them to others.

Topics covered include design skills, color theory, photo composition, and lighting. Students are expected to own their own digital SLR camera and tripod.

An overview of digital imaging and photography

Computer or software requirements necessary for students seeking to complete assignments and coursework are also available in some programs. Flexible admission guidelines are available at some schools, where applicants are considered on the basis of their ability to complete any work the program may require.

Students enrolled in digital photography programs may have to submit a portfolio accompanying application materials.

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Coursework Apart from foundational courses in lighting and photography techniques, classes specific to the technical and creative aspects of digital photography may also have to be completed, including topic areas such as:May 27,  · Expert news, reviews and videos of the latest digital cameras, lenses, accessories, and phones.

Get answers to your questions in our photography forums. Digital Heritage Conference 1. Photogrammetric imaging of a Diego Rivera fresco mural (Expo Demonstration) CHI's Carla Schroer and Mark Mudge will demonstrate results from the Diego Rivera Mural Project at the Conference Expo on October 27– 2.

In this free online digital literacy course learn with Alison the basic computer concepts and skills for using computer technology in everyday life. Traditionally archaeological photography has been shot with black and white film, but color photography and more recently digital imaging are increasingly being used.

Photographs and slides can be ordered for study, lecture and publication purposes by contacting us. Program overview. The master of fine arts program in imaging arts emphasizes a broad interpretation of photography as a conceptual art form, with the intention of inspiring and nurturing the individuality of each student as a creative, productive artist.

Digital Imaging for Photographers, 4th Edition [Adrian Davies, Phil Fennessy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This authoritative, best-selling guide provides both professional and amateur photographers worldwide with a comprehensive introduction to the technologies and techniques of digital imaging.

Features: * An in-depth overview of image capture with digital cameras and Reviews: 2.

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