An analysis of dell in computer systems company

How to Write a Summary of an Article? This strategic model enables Dell to interact with customers directly providing them with fast, reasonably-priced and friendly means of production and distribution. Their strategic method also provides other forms of products and services such as internet and telephone purchasing, customized computer systems; phone and online technical support and next-day, on-site product service. Price for Performance — Dell boasts a very efficient procurement, manufacturing and distribution process allowing it to offer customers powerful systems at competitive prices.

An analysis of dell in computer systems company

Dell started the company with the idea to sell custom built computers directly to the customer. Today, Dell is enhancing and broadening the fundamental competitive advantages of the direct model by increasingly applying the efficiencies of the Internet to its entire business.

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Through the direct business model, Dell offers in-person relationships with corporate and institutional customers; telephone and Internet purchasing; customized computer systems; phone and online technical support; and next-day, on-site product service.

Dell arranges for system installation and management, guides customers through technology transitions, and provides an extensive range of other services. One of their step-by-step strategies is reflected by the fact that Dell machines are made to order and delivered directly to the customer.

There is no middleman. The customer gets the exact machine he wants cheaper than he can get it from the competition. Every Dell system is built to order. Customers get exactly what they want.

Service and Support Dell uses knowledge gained from direct customer contact before and after the sale to provide dependability and personal customer service. In the following pages are different marketing strategies Dell computers uses to sell there computer around the world making them the most successful company in the world.

These techniques have targeted customers to buy computers from the company in large amounts. Dell web site had included information that reflects their strategy concerns such as: Price for performance, customization, service and support, latest technology, and superior shareholder value.

Information has been browsed by web page format of widespread use of higher resolutions.

Company Background

Enable more information to be viewed without requiring users to scroll the page, while still retaining excellent readability at lower resolutions. Faster page down load most site pages have been optimized to speed down load time to an average of less than 10 seconds per page for most users using 56K modems.

Customers may review, configure and price systems, order systems on-line, track orders, system support, and contact information.

Products and services 1. Giving an equal importance in browsing all their products, systems or services lines.

An analysis of dell in computer systems company

In addition, most of the products and services were visualized by high-resolution images. Providing information about the quality standards level and services performance. Providing information about privacy practices and ensuring high level of confidentiality and security. Successful brand having a sustainable differential advantage, means that customers have a reason for preferring that brand to competitors brands, sustainable advantage that is not easily copied by competitors.

Dell has been very concerned about keeping their successful image through their web site services. Brand loyalty has too much impact on the success of any electronic commerce through the web. Other ways to augment the brand to enhance its value by guaranteeing its performance, providing credit, delivery, and effective after sales service.

Dell have very good support system that can be easily accessed. Choose Type of service.Dell is a global leading vendor of the computers systems and related products. It conceives, develops, manufactures, sells and maintains computer systems, servers, printers and other products.

The company functions mainly in Americas. Dell Mission And Strategies Essay - Dell Mission and Strategies Mission: Dell is a company leader in delivering the latest technology in computer systems to customers, and a broad range of products that enhance the service.

Dell overview Dell is a technology company, offering a broad range of product categories, including desktop computer systems, storage, servers and networking products, mobility products, software and peripherals and services to manage IT infrastructure for large.

The company was founded in by Michael Dell - Analysis on Marketing Strategies on Dell Computers Essay introduction. Dell started the company with the idea to . This SWOT analysis of Dell points out chinks in Armour of dell's fortress.

Dell is one of the worlds best and most known consumer durable brands. Dell's Direct Model approach enables the company to offer direct relationships with customers such as corporate and institutional customers. Dell products increased their sells, it made Dell Incorporation become the most growing company in the US (Null & Lobur, , p.

49). IBM’s introduction of the IBM PC in changed the industry it now focused on the business community.

Dell Company SWOT analysis - Strategic Management Insight